Megan & Dan: Fess Parker Santa Barbara Wedding Photography

This shoot began with a relaxing road trip down the California coast with my beautiful and talented friend Sarah of Sarah Dawson Photography. We ate at Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach, walked along the beach, and explored the beautiful Santa Barbara Courthouse – if you haven’t been, it’s a must see! From the courthouse tower you can enjoy a spectacular 360 degree view of the city. We spotted a cute couple at the top and admired how they were posed against the tower’s archways… so, naturally, Sarah asked them if she could snap a photo. No big deal, it’s what photographers do in their spare time. Hahaha. That is why I love spending time with my photographer friends! Not only do we share the same passion; they’re also a great source of advice and mentorship. As a seasoned wedding photographer, Sarah is one of my role models (check out her work, it’s fantastic) and it’s always an honor to second shoot for her.

For Megan and Dan’s wedding, Sarah put me in charge of the guys. Ten of them, to be exact.

… Challenge accepted. :)

Dan gave customized baseball bats to each of his groomsmen! We already knew these would come in handy for photos later. Fess Parker’s Double Tree Resort is truly a gorgeous venue. Dan’s room on the 2nd floor provided a great view of the ceremony site. I could not get over how cute these sand dollar escort cards were!!! Especially when placed in the sand. :) The mariachi band was a major highlight of this wedding for me personally. I grew up playing the violin and was mesmerized by their playing! But what REALLY made my day was when they handed me a violin and let me play with them. Soooo much fun. I want to join a mariachi band.
What is love?  (Scroll down to find out the answer.) 

Thanks Sarah for inviting me to shoot with you! <3


Jamie & Romin: Descanso Gardens Pasadena Wedding Photography

I’ve always dreamed of an outdoor garden wedding, and this is exactly the reason why. Enchanting garden venues like Descanso Gardens bring together ALL my favorite things about photography – you’ll see how these really come through in Jamie and Romin’s wedding photos. :) The lighting was bright, the color palette soft, and the scenery… so romantic!

Romin and I go back to my freshman year of college at UCSB. We shared a lot of memories over the years… but what stood out to me most was his selfless nature. He was one of the upperclassmen who never hesitated to help a friend in need (and as freshmen, my friends and I were particularly needy). Romin is also one of the most mellow, laid-back people you’ll ever meet. When Jamie came along, it was clear that she was the perfect complement to Romin’s easygoing personality – this girl knows what she wants! And so it was truly an honor for me when they asked if I was available to shoot their wedding. :)

Photographing friends’ weddings is simultaneously a fun and nerve-racking experience. I knew over half of the bridal party from college (including the bride and groom) and a good portion of the guests too. Pro: instant familiarity between the subjects and photographer. It is so incredibly important to choose a photographer you’re comfortable with! And that level of ease makes my job that much easier. Con: Spotlight. It changes the dynamic when you’re working in front of an audience… I know my friends are watching me and it makes me nervous! (How do I know? Because they tell me: “Can’t wait to see you in action at so-and-so’s wedding!”)

Fortunately there are more pros than cons in this comparison, given that two is greater than one. Pro: joining in the party when everything is said and done and everyone gets to REALLY celebrate. To Jamie, Romin, other friends who have hired me, and even those occasional awesome clients – thank you for letting me dance with you!!!

Jamie’s bouquet blossomed with delicate peonies and classic roses. 

Her facial expression is so sweet. 

Always amusing to see the treats waiting at the end of the aisle. ;) 

The natural light that day was just beautiful!


Kristian & Jonny (Part II): Vibiana Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Continuing my last post… even more stunning images from Kristian and Jonny’s Vibiana wedding! Vintage Hollywood glamour comes to life through antique gold and silver candelabras, lush white floral arrangements, and an opulent cathedral setting:

Kristian and her mother cherishing a moment together before the ceremony begins. 

Jonny read his vows from a cue card – a playful tribute to their Hollywood theme. One of my favorite shots. They’re beaming with joy!  Every corner of the building revealed a photo opportunity. The venue transformed during cocktail hour to accommodate dinner tables and a dance floor – it worked so well for both a ceremony and reception setting! Their awesome menu included a gourmet sliders bar. Deeeeelicious. And in case you missed it, their gorgeous wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty. :)


Kristian & Jonny: Vibiana Los Angeles Wedding Photography

Who doesn’t love a wedding with a fun theme? Let alone a well executed one with the talented guidance of Heather Schertz from O.C.D. Events! Old Hollywood and mobster opulence came together seamlessly in this Vibiana wedding bursting with coordinating details. Not only was this wedding breathtaking… it was a meaningful one for me too. Kristian and Jonny were the very first couple I had EVER professionally photographed, almost three years ago exactly. Their shoot at Disney’s California Adventure was a big step forward in launching my career (and confidence!) as a wedding photographer. This awesome duo encouraged me to pursue my dreams long before I had even shot a wedding, and for that they have my heartfelt gratitude.

This particular event was also very special to me because it was the first of my weddings to be featured in THE ultimate wedding blog, Style Me Pretty!!! I can’t even put into words how ecstatic I was to receive the news that they had accepted our submission. Truly an honor. One of my business goals for the year was to get my work featured in an online publication, and what a place to start!! :) You can see the post here.

And now… on to the photos. There are just so many gorgeous images from this wedding that I couldn’t fit all of them into one blog post!

These Jimmy Choo shoes were fantastically photogenic. I could pose them and photograph them all day long.

 Lace, ruffles, and bling… this Lazaro wedding dress had it all.  One of the many reasons why I fell in love with Vibiana instantly: the bridal suite. Though the venue is a renovated cathedral, this upstairs room is refreshingly bright and spacious compared to most traditional church venues. Lots of windows = lots of light = beautiful photos! The bridesmaids remind me of ballerinas here. :)  Jonny’s vows were written out for him on cue cards – another creative application of the Hollywood theme. Jonny handcrafted gold bullet-shaped cufflinks for all of his groomsmen. Fight! Fight! Fight! 
Getting ready for their first look…

Jonny surprised Kristian with a special gift – a cat collar, for their future pet!!

Can you tell how much fun we had that day?!  Part two, coming up next!


Teresa & David: Morgan Hill Engagement Photography

When Teresa described her wedding theme to me, I was ecstatic. Woodsy, garden-inspired, and PURPLE?? I am so there. It’s not evident from my website but I adore that color… my purse, my phone, even my car is a brilliant shade of purple. So I knew from the start that we would get along great. :)

As for David, I didn’t meet him until the day of the engagement shoot… and WOW. It’s not often that I meet a fiance who is so enthusiastic and on board with taking photos. At the end of the shoot he told me, “I can’t wait to take our wedding photos!” Music to my ears!

But what I love most about Teresa and David? How they are as a couple. You can see for yourself how much fun they had throughout the shoot, and David was a total gentleman helping Teresa through the vineyard in her hot pair of heels. We went to Castillo’s Hillside Shire Winery after hours because David knew the owners, and you could not ask for a more perfect setting. Late afternoon sun, a beautiful mansion, a quaint Tudor-style cottage tasting room, and of course… the gorgeous vineyard on the hill.

p.s. Their wedding was amazing on all accounts and I can’t wait to share even more photos of this good-looking pair!

We ended the shoot just as the sun was setting – like I said. It was perfect.